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  Protect Children Project


The purpose of this site is to provide First Amendment protection to support children who may be at risk for being subjected to mental or physical abuse in school through the use of solitary confinement, restraints, and corporal punishment.


The Satanic Temple believes that children should not be objects of physical violence or psychological abuse. We have prepared a letter that can be signed by students which inform their schools that their deeply held beliefs do not allow for them to be hit in school or placed in restraints or in solitary confinement.


If your deeply held beliefs oppose school faculty hitting you, physically restraining you, or holding you against your will in an isolation room, please submit your name, email, and the name of your school, and The Satanic Temple will put your school board on notice that harming you violates your civil rights. All religious denominations are welcome. You do not need to be a member of the Temple or even hold any religious affiliation to register. Registration does not make you a member of the Temple.



Students who want us to notify their local school board that their deeply held beliefs, regardless of their religion or lack thereof, are in agreement with our tenets which assert that it is wrong for a person to be subjected to physical or mental abuse without their consent, please register HERE with your name, school name and city in the title.

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